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You Are What You Eat - And, Don’t Eat!

Updated: Jan 25

We all know, or at least should know, that a healthy diet is good for your body. But, do you know how a healthy diet affects your teeth and oral health? There are certain foods that should be only eaten in moderation and there are foods that we encourage you eat to maintain good oral health and strong, healthy teeth.

Let’s Start With the Not So Good:

SUGAR - sugar is bacteria’s BFF. Sugar triggers or feeds plaque which leads to gum disease and tooth decay by eroding tooth enamel. It’s a vicious cycle and one that needs to be broken. We get it though, many of us have a sweet tooth. If you do indulge in a sweet treat it’s best to brush your teeth afterwards.

Sugar "feeds" plaque which leads to gum disease and tooth decay by eroding tooth enamel.

What Should You Eat?

To promote good oral health and strong teeth there are MANY foods you should be sure to incorporate into your overall diet. Not only are these foods good for your oral health but your entire body as well.

  • Good crunchy fruits and vegetables. If the sweet tooth goes into overdrive, reach for an apple. Apples, in most cases, can satisfy that sweet urge and also encourage production of saliva which helps to “wash away” debris. Some other top veggies? Carrots and celery! Both are high in fiber, and loaded with Vitamin A and C which are essential. They, too, help “wash away” debris in your mouth by encouraging saliva production.

  • Leafy Greens. As with those good, crunchy ideas above, leafy greens will help with saliva production and are RICH in vitamins and minerals.

  • Tea. Yes, we understand that tea stains teeth, but, in moderation tea can be very beneficial for your teeth. Specifically, BLACK TEA and GREEN TEA! Black tea, and green tea, contains plaque fighting chemicals known as phytochemicals. These naturally occurring plant chemicals can break down plaque. These polyphenols can also reduce symptoms of gum disease as well as reduce saliva’s acidity. If you choose to drink black or green tea keep in mind your should follow it up with water or perhaps even drink through a straw to reduce the staining effects.

  • Nuts. All nuts are generous in protein, but almonds are also high in calcium. Calcium is very important for the health of your teeth.

  • Lean Proteins. Yes, it basically says it already - PROTEIN! But, in addition to protein, lean proteins are also high in phosphorus. Phosphorus is a key mineral in keeping your teeth strong. It also plays an important part in keeping your jawbones healthy and functional.

So, ditch the sugar as much as possible and incorporate more of the above foods into your diet. Not only will your teeth thank you but your overall body as well.

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