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We Begin With Trust and End With Friendship

Updated: Jan 25

Our patients' trust is paramount! Decisions are grounded in trust and without it, our patient/doctor relationship is in jeopardy.

In a Gallup Trust in Honesty and Ethics poll of professions, dentists ranked fifth behind nurses, engineers, medical doctors and pharmacists. Having 39% of Americans with a lower opinion of dentists leaves much room for treatment hesitancy. At Serenity Dental Studio we aim to raise that bar.

Decisions are grounded in trust!

In addition to our core values of Compassion, Excellence and Respect we also value Authenticity, Logic and Empathy. How do we incorporate those tenets into our practice?

Authenticity - We allow you to know US! Not just the dentist you see when you visit the office or the staff that you see every 6 months. We consider each and every patient a part of our family. We value you not just for your dental needs but for who you are as a person and we want you to feel the same with us. We believe that by adding the personal element to our patient/doctor relationship we can better foster trust. Commonalities assist with building trust.

Logic - Logic goes hand in hand with competence AND patient education! We want you to know as much as possible about your oral health. Our job isn’t just to treat a condition such as tooth decay or gum disease but to partner WITH you and help you understand the impact oral health has on your overall health. Through our visits every 6 months our entire staff will help you with ways to better your at-home dental care, offer improvements for living a better life and dropping some serious dental knowledge on you. (You’ll be a hit at the next party with trivia!)

We partner WITH you and help you understand the impact oral health has on your overall health.

Empathy - We genuinely care about you! Our dental practice is a “no judgement zone”. Seriously! Each member of the staff at Serenity Dental Studio is “fully present” during your visit. There are NO distractions for us and we focus strictly on YOU!. We want to see you in the chair every 6 months for regular check-ups and cleanings, not dental problems. What you are feeling, we are feeling.

To our regular patients that have trust in us? We cherish you and thank you for your continued trust in us. Your trust and friendship is what jazzes us up every morning when we come into the office.

We would like to offer a heartfelt invitation to new patients and welcome you to Serenity Dental Studio. Our staff is ready to meet you and provide you with next level dental care.

We feel like we should post the song “Love Train” somewhere in this post. Are we right??

About Serenity Dental Studio: We are the leading dental studio serving Gulf Shores Alabama and the surrounding area. Our staff provides a calm and serene environment for our patients enabling them to relax and allow us to restore their love for their smile.

Our team of general dentists, specialists, and hygienists work together to create a superior dental team that will help you look and feel your best.

If you’re searching for a dental practice in Gulf Shores AL, we’d love to meet you!


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