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Should You Floss? YES! Here's Why and How To Floss

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Why and How To Floss

Good oral hygiene starts with brushing your teeth but that’s not where it ends. There are many at-home habits that will ensure your oral health between dental check-ups. Flossing your teeth is one that is often overlooked but is crucial to oral hygiene.

Why Should You Floss?

It is recommended that you floss at least once a day however, flossing in the morning, in the evening before bed and after meals reduces the amount of plaque in your mouth. Remember, plaque build-up leads to cavities and gum disease. Flossing will also remove any food debris in your mouth that has been lodged between your teeth.

DENTAL TIP: Did you know it is actually preferred that you floss BEFORE you brush your teeth? Flossing first will help dislodge food and plaque thereby allowing the brushing to remove these from your mouth.

Types of Floss:

First things first! There are several types of floss to choose from. All will get the job done so it really depends on what you are most comfortable with.

  • Standard Floss: This floss is a thin string and can come flavored or un-flavored as well as waxed or un-waxed. This particular type of floss is good for those that have teen that are crowded and close together. The wax coated can make it easier to get between the teeth.

  • Dental Tape: This type of “floss” is flat like a ribbon and is best to use if you have gaps in your teeth or large spaces between teeth.

How To Floss:

Flossing isn’t difficult and can be done easily with these following steps.

  • You’ll want about 18 - 24 inches of dental floss. Wrap the dental floss around your middle fingers of each hand leaving about 1 - 2 inches of “available” floss for your teeth.

  • Hold the floss tight with your thumb and index fingers,

  • Gently guide the floss up and down between your teeth, being sure to floss the side of each tooth.

  • As you reach your gums, curve the floss at the base of your tooth allowing the floss to get between your gums and tooth. Do NOT floss into your gums! This can cause bruising or damage to your gums.

  • Repeat the above steps for each tooth using a fresh stretch of floss for each tooth.

DENTAL TIP: You can purchase disposable dental floss picks that are great to keep with you! You never know when you might be out to lunch and that irritating sesame seed gets stuck!

Our goal at Serenity Dental Studio is to ensure your oral health is the best it can be. We need you, however, to do your part at home. We have an amazing team of dental hygienists that can answer any questions you have or help you be sure you are flossing the RIGHT way.

About Serenity Dental Studio: We are the leading dental studio serving Gulf Shores Alabama and the surrounding area. Our staff provides a calm and serene environment for our patients enabling them to relax and allow us to restore their love for their smile.

​Our team of general dentists, specialists, and hygienists work together to create a superior dental team that will help you look and feel your best.

If you’re searching for a dental practice in Gulf Shores AL, we’d love to meet you!


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