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Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Updated: Jan 25

It’s almost time! Time for the little ghosts and goblins to spread out in the neighborhood on a serious quest to gather as much candy and treats as possible. As a parent do you worry about how much dental damage will be done over this sugar overload?


First and foremost, we encourage you to have fun! It’s ONE night a year and with a little oversight, minimal damage will be done. In fact, the University of Alabama Birmingham’s School of Dentistry says that one night of a candy binge is nothing to worry about.

“The good news is that one night of candy and celebration will not cause a child to have cavities, so we really encourage parents and their children to just have fun,” said Steve Mitchell, DMD, director of the Sparks Dental Clinic at UAB.

However, when it comes to a constant assault on teeth with sugary foods like candy, that is when the damage can occur.

While candy is candy and therefore, sugar is sugar, there are some Halloween candies that are “better” than others. If that is such a thing.

  • Chocolate - Chocolate melts quickly and therefore doesn’t hang around doing damage. While it IS sugar, it is the least damaging or the candy kingdom

  • Chewy candy - (think Laffy Taffy or gummies) This type of candy sticks to teeth and can do serious damage such as dislodging fillings, and “pulling” out already loose teeth or even teeth that aren’t loose!

  • Hard candy - there are two ways hard candy is eaten and both can cause issues.

    • If the candy is just melted away slowly the sugar has time to really get into the nooks and crannies of teeth

    • If it is crunched it can chip or crack teeth

So, what do you do? You enjoy this once-a-year candy binge but be sure to keep up with good oral health habits such as brushing and rinsing. Also, limit candy after October 31st. Try for only a piece a day. Hard, we know, but crucial for good oral health.

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