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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Our experienced dentists have exceptional expertise when it comes to dental implants and restoring your smile. Having dental implants requires a plan between you and your dental care partner to ensure that the end results leave you with a bright and strong smile that is specific to you. 

Dental implants offer advantages and are the most preferred method for replacing missing teeth. 

  • They stabilize other, natural teeth

  • Look and feel perfectly natural

  • Support ideal bone density

  • Support natural chewing function

  • Significantly stronger than bridges or dentures

  • They can last a lifetime

  • Dental implants prevent the jawline from shrinking due to missing teeth

Each patient is unique when it comes to what they need. Factors such as parafunction, occlusion, periodontal disease and the size of space to be restored are all factors that need to be considered. For those reasons, our experts will evaluate your case on an individual basis and come up with an implant treatment plan that is right for you. 

All on X

Dental Implants can be as minimal as a single tooth replacement or can incorporate 4 or up to 10 implants.


We refer to our dental implants solutions as "All on X" (AOX) Why? All on "X" refers to the number of total implants placed in the mouth. Until we evaluate your individual situation we won't know which solution is best for you. After consultation, we help you decide what number is best for your situation. Some patients may need All of 4 while others may require All on 6 or 10. After a thorough consultation, comprehensive x-rays, and an understanding of patient desires we'll make the recommendation that is BEST for the patient.  

Many years ago, it could take up to 8 - 10 implants to restore stability and replace teeth. With our advanced procedures, it is possible restore top and bottom teeth using only 4, However, depending on the unique needs of the patient it may take up to 10. Our advanced procedures offer tremendous benefits such as:

  • Shorter treatment and recovery time

  • Typically same day

  • Suitable for patients with jaw bone loss

  • Most cost-effective is All on 4 however, depending on your unique situation up to 10 implants may be required to achieve desired results and restore functionality

A full discussion as to which All on X is right for you will be reviewed during your initial consultation taking into consideration all factors and your desired outcome.

Regardless of the number of dental implants, you can certainly count on:

  • Quick recovery

  • Beautiful white smile specific to YOU

  • Enjoy foods you haven't enjoyed in years

  • Improved speech in many cases

  • Years off your appearance

Initial Consultation

You will have a comprehensive consultation to better determine your goals, your suitability for implants and an overview of the procedure. 


Utilizing the latest technology, a three-dimensional x-ray portfolio will be done to assess your current situation and better determine the scope of the work to be done. This will be included in your consultation.

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