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Dental Hygiene

Keeping Your Smile Clean

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Dental Hygiene

Our top-rated hygienists use the utmost care in providing you with exceptional dental hygiene as well as sending you home with tips on maintaining your dental hygiene at home. Dental hygiene goes hand in hand with Preventative Dentistry.

Most people will not feel any noticeable discomfort during a dental cleaning. However, should you have any discomfort your hygienist can apply a topical numbing gel or another type of anesthetic to help you remain as comfortable as possible. 

The more often you have a dental cleaning will help reduce sensitivity during the cleanings. Regular dental maintenance helps you prevent any future dental procedure. 

What To Expect

Oral Exam

Your dental hygienist will perform an oral exam to determine the current health of your teeth, gums and oral tissue. 

Dental Cleaning

Depending on the condition of your plaque and tartar build-up your hygienist will use either an ultrasonic scaler or curettes to remove the plaque and tartar.


Once the cleaning is complete, your hygienist will polish your teeth making them smooth and shiny.

Post-cleaning Consultation

Post-cleaning, your hygienist will answer any questions you may have as well as provide you with tips and advice for proper hygiene at home. 

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